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10000 Shot Club

We are pleased to announce that this year’s Becker Basketball 10,000 Shot Club is officially open and we are looking for players to join the club!   We are very excited about what this year’s club offers!    There are three different workouts that players can choose from:

1)      “Shooter” workout (all shooting) (170 shots – workout attached) – link to demo video

2)      Pure Intensity Workout 1 (Combination of ball handling, finishing moves, and shooting – counts for 175 shots – workout attached) – link to demo video

3)      Pure Intensity Workout 2 (Same concept as workout 1 with some different drills – counts for 175 shots – workout attached) – link to demo video

Players can choose which workout they want to do each time they workout.   These workouts are fast paced, fun to do and challenging!  Each workout has a link to a short demo video which demonstrates each part of the workout!  We are excited about these workouts and are confident the players that choose to participate with become “better players” from spending the time working on their game and “better people” from the self-discipline of making a goal and accomplishing it!

The 10,000 Shot Club is for any player going into grades 5th through 12th grade.   Players no matter of age will be challenged with this workout and will also find it very rewarding working on all different parts of their game (shooting, ball handling, and finishing).   The workouts should take between 30-45 minutes to finish.  Keep in mind it will take a little longer as players learn the workout but will continue to go quicker as they become more familiar.

All members of the 10,000 shot club will receive a very nice long sleeve shooting shirt with the Becker 10,000 Shot Club logo along with being introduced at half time at youth night at a varsity basketball game.





Last year’s 10,000 shot club members are recognized at a high school basketball game.

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