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10000 Shot Club

We are excited to kick off the 4th year of the 10,000 and 25,000 shot club.  Year 1 we had 7 kids, year 2 was 21 kids and year 3 (last year) was 39 kids!  We hope that the program continues to grow this year!  Kids that commit to this program are demonstrating the culture trait of having a growth mindset to “trust the process” to become better.  Here is the information to note (at the bottom of the page is the tracking sheet and pdfs of the workouts):

• Dates are 4/15/19 through 10/15/19 for all kids currently in 4th – 11th grade (going into 5th – 12th grade)
• Kids pick the workout they want to do – there are 7 different workout’s to choose from all worth 225 shots
• Keep a running tally of shots completed so you know where you are at (they do not need to count every shot – completion of each workout is worth 225 shots)
• All members of the 10,000 shot club will receive a Nike Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt with the 10,000 Logo and will be introduced at half time at “youth night”
• All workout sheets must be turned in to Cory Nuest, Dan Baird, or Josh Ihrke by 10/15/19
* All athletes who shoot 25,000 shots will receive the shirt as well as YOUR CHOICE between a Nike Elite Basketball OR a Becker Basketball Nike Elite Basketball Back Pack with name on it

Tracking Sheet

Work Out 1- Attack Moves off the Catch

Work Out 2- Dribble Attack Moves

Work Out 3- Counter Moves off the Catch

Work Out 4- Counter Moves off the Dribble

Work Out 5- Transition Series

Work Out 6- Corner Attack Series and Shooter

Work Out 7- Post Moves


5000 Shot Club Information

*For players currently in grades 2 and 3 (entering grades 3 and 4 in the 2019-2020 school year).

*Can track their shots using the tracking worksheet (click here to download) from 4/15/19- 10/15/19

*2 Work Outs to choose from

Work Out 1

Work Out 2

*All players that turn their completed tracking sheet into Cory Nuest by 10/15/19 will be recognized at youth night and receive a 5000 shot club t-shirt.


2018 10000/25000 Shot Club Members