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10000 Shot Club

This club began two years ago.  Year 1 had 7 members and year 2 more than tripled to 22 members.   We are looking to increase the members of this club in year 3!!

  • Dates are 4/15/18 through 10/13/18
  • Players that are completing grades 4-11 are eligible to participate
  • You pick the workout you want to do – there are 5 different workout’s to choose from all worth 200 shots
  • Keep a running tally of shots completed so you know where you are at
  • All members of the 10,000 shot club will receive a Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt with the 10,000 Logo and will be introduced at half time at “youth night”
  • All workout sheets must be turned in to Cory Nuest, Dan Baird, or Josh Ihrke by 10/17/18
  • All athletes who shoot 25,000 shots will also be that club and receive a Nike Elite Basketball

Attachments available below to download- links to videos demonstrating workouts available in the worksheets.

10000 Shot Tracker Sheet

Workout 1- Rip Series

Workout 2- Dribble Attack Moves

Workout 3- Counter Moves

Workout 4- Shooter and Weak Hand Ball Handling

Workout 5- Shot Post Workout

2017 10000 Shot Club Members