Official Home of Becker Basketball


Youth Basketball Board Members

Cory Nuest

  • President                                          320-287-3329

Chris Harmoning

  • Vice President                                 320-250-5583

Jeromy Quast

  • Treasurer                                        763-639-6619

Gerry Bass

  • Secretary                                         763-688-0768

Tracy McCalla

  • Uniform Manager                         763-772-4618

Ryan Seavert

  • Concessions Manager                   320-290-4923

Margaret Smude

  • Communications Director            320-260-2760

Kirsten Voller

  • Equipment Manager                      612-964-3317

Ryan Goodman

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for all interested players to participate in an organized, competitive program focused on skill development, teamwork, and fostering a life-long love of the game while representing Becker in a positive fashion.