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We are here to help and want to make sure you and your players gets the answer you need. We’ve provided this FAQ guide to answers some of our most common questions.

Q. What will my child learn from this program?
A. Our goal is to create a healthy learning environment that encourages skill development and team work, celebrates personal best and inspires a lifelong interest in the game of basketball. Our primary focus is to turn your children into better basketball players and great teammates in a challenging and fun atmosphere. The focus for younger kids will be fundamental skill development, utilizing in-house leagues and clinics, while the older kids will be challenged to develop their skills to become better basketball players by playing in a more competitive environment of traveling basketball.

Q. What is expected of parents during the season?
A. Even if you are not a member of the coaching staff, we would still like you to attend practice sessions and games to help encourage, monitor and care for your child, particularly at the younger ages. If coaches need a helping hand, please be willing to assist them with their needs.


Q. I’d like to be a head coach or assistant coach, but I don’t know if I have the skills for the position. What are the requirements?
A. A coach’s primary responsibility is to create a healthy, positive and fun experience for our players. If you are good with kids, like to be active and have an interest in learning more about the sport of basketball, you’d be a great fit. If you don’t know much about basketball the BYBA will provide the needed support to help you be successful. You will receive a coach’s handbook filled with information about the games, rules and practice drill suggestions. We will hold a coaches’ meeting prior to beginning practices to pass out this information and to share the key aspects of successful coaching.

Q. What does a team manager do?
A. As a team manager your primary responsibility will be to ensure that your entire team receives communications, announcements, information and necessary forms in a timely fashion. You may be asked to send out e-mail communications to your team when necessary and distribute / collect team forms. One key function of the team manager is to coordinate parents and their volunteer responsibilities, to ensure that all volunteers fulfill their volunteer activities.

Q. Why are we expected to volunteer?
A. The BYBA (Becker Youth Basketball Association) is a non-profit organization that relies completely on volunteers to manage and run the program. Having a large base of volunteers helps to ensure that the program meets the needs of Becker basketball families and keeps the program costs low. The majority of volunteers will perform a 4 hour shift (clock operator, concessions, or tickets sales) at one of the Becker Youth tournaments.

Q. Do I have to pay a volunteer fee for each child, if I have more than 1 child in the program?
A. The Volunteer fee is $50 (travel program) and $20 (In-house League) per registered player, however the fee shall be capped at $100 per family. If you have mulltiple children in the program, you will agree to $100 in volunteer fees at the time of registration. After you sign up for and fulfill your volunteer activities, you will nothe volunteer fee.

Q. If I have more than 1 child in the program am I expected to volunteer for each child?
A. Yes.

Q. What happens if I opt out of volunteering?
A. You have the option of opting out and paying the volunteer fees– the money received for this is donated to the Becker Boys Varsity Program since they will be volunteering at the tournament for a fundraiser.

Q. Is BYBA the only program to require volunteering?
A. No. Most Becker youth sports program have similar policies.


Q. I want my child to be on the same team as another child. Do you honor these requests?
A. Establishing team rosters for an organization of this size is a complex task even without special requests. We will accommodate SIBLING REQUESTS to play on the same team as long as they are at the same grade level. Special requests will be considered, unfortunately; it is just not feasible for the BYBA to guarantee the accommodation of multiple special requests.

Q. When will I know which team my child is on?
A. Team rosters for traveling basketball will normally be finalized by mid October, with practices to begin in early November. You will receive a welcome call from your child’s coaching staff at that time welcoming your child to the team and notifying you as to practice times and locations.


Q. How do I know our team’s schedule?
A. Coaches will provide the teams practice schedule during the first week of practice, however, some practice times may not be established until the season is underway. Game and tournament schedules will be provided as they are finalized. Coaches may sign up for additional tournaments throughout the season, so please contact your coach with questions. The season usually begins in mid November and can last into early March.


Q. When are practices normally held?
A. Practices are normally held Monday-Friday nights from either 5:30-7:00 or 7:00-8:30. Due to court availability, it is possible that your child’s practice schedule will vary from week to week.