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Closed Divisions for February 9th and 10th:

Girls 6A   Girls 7C   Girls 8A   Girls 8B   Girls 8C


Boys 6C   Boys 7B   Boys 7C


January 5th Boys Brackets

Boys Grade 3

Boys Grade 4- Bracket 1

Boys Grade 4- Bracket 2

Boys Grade 5A

Boys Grade 5B

Boys Grade 5C

January 6th Girls Brackets

Girls Grade 3

Girls 4-1

Girls 4-2

Girls 4-3

Girls Grade 5B

Girls Grace 5C


2019 Tourney Rules (Grades 6-8)

2019 Tourney Rules (Grades 3-5)

Games are played at the Becker Field house or Becker High School Gym.  All spectators, coaches and players should enter the main doors of the Field house (located around the back of the high school).


Becker High School

12000 Hancock Street

Becker, MN 55308